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  • Over 15 million hectares of old growth are either protected or in areas that are not planned to be harvested.

  • British Columbia's entire annual harvest comes from less than 200,000 hectares - less than 1 per cent of the working forest.

  • The government makes over 45,000 inspections of industry practices each year and has found 98 per cent compliance.

  • To protect lands in their natural state forever, British Columbia has protected almost 12 millions hectares.

  • By law, all harvested areas must be reforested. The 5 billionth tree will soon be planted.

  • More than 200 million seedlings, or about 3 seedlings for every tree cut, are planted every year to supplement natural re-growth.

  • There is more old growth in British Columbia now than there was 100 years ago.

  • The Forest Practices Code of British Columbia was adopted in 1995 and requires some of the most stringent forest practices requirements in the world.

  • More than half of British Columbia's forested area has had little or no human disturbance.

  • Second growth forests are growing 20-30 per cent faster than predicted.

  • The World Wildlife Fund target for total protected forest area has already been met.

  • Since 1992, 300 new protected areas have been created.

  • British Columbia has established Canada's only grizzly bear sanctuary at the Khutzeymateen Valley.

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